Discussion on: The Idea of Lisp

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Scott P. Jones

I learned more in one semester at MIT learning Lisp (MacLisp, moving to Scheme) than I had in the 7 years before that taking classes at the state university where I grew up (using Fortran IV and PL/I). The concepts that I learned (especially from Scheme) have held me in good stead for 36 years.
In fact, these days, I'm working 100% of the time using Julia, which is a very interesting language that inherits quite a lot from Scheme (two things to note: the parser (and AST lowering code) is actually writting in femto-lisp (which is a small, fast dialect of Scheme written by Jeff Bezanson), also, one of the 3 people of the panel at Jeff's PhD thesis defense was none other than Gerald Sussman ;-) ).

Anybody who loves the idea of Lisp, should definitely check out julialang.org/