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Discussion on: Windows and Linux: A Sane Discussion

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I think Microsoft have made a sincere and meaty effort to support Linux and the open source community. Kudos to them. At a general level, they deserve it.

At a personal level, I moved on from Windows as a software engineer a long time ago. It's not worth my personal time or effort to go back and reconsider that choice. This is merely an unfortunate reality. It's nothing that I have any feelings about whatsoever. I already found more value than I can use in developing on Linux and MacOS laptops so any resources I put into my work is being put toward making use of that value. Starting over again with Microsoft just isn't in the cards nor should it be.

I say that because I suspect it covers the majority of software engineers. Even though Microsoft is doing all the right things, the community has largely moved on. The only gains they're going to make in this area are as far as I can tell are with startups and new devs.

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