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Discussion on: Make your voice heard - vote for the features you want in WordPress (aka, ClassicPress)

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Scott Bowler Author • Edited on

I'd highly recommend trying it out - you'll probably discover why there are over 670 one-star reviews on the Gutenberg plugin.

It's not that a page builder is a bad idea (I use them on every site I make), it's that the implementation of Gutenberg is terrible and that it's being forced into v5.0.

The leadership at WordPress is not listening to consumer pushback and this is just another example in a long list of issues with the WordPress leadership. In essence, the community feels like decisions are made by an elite few and their voice is no longer heard.

This fork is bigger than just removing Gutenberg, it's to bring the platform back to the people.

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Well, I would be happy to try it out when it launches:D