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I liked Slate but have also toyed around with a bit. Worth having a look.

You can generate some fairly decent API docs with Postman too. You can't do a huge amount of customisation currently but this looks like it's a mid-term goal on their roadmap: looks pretty interesting. Will check it out, thanks.


Full discloser - I work for Stoplight. I'm typically a docs consumer, not creator, so I don't have any real preference for how they're generated. All the same, as an employee I'm biased.

We've got 2 different docs options, this one is free & basic

If you need more theming options, this one is paid but there is a free trial Big Commerce uses this plan and they've made some pretty slick lookin' docs if I do say so myself.

Hard requirement for me is version-able documentation - you can change versions on the documentation page in case you're not up-to-date and get whatever we've set as the documentation at that version. Ideally the documentation would show a pull request-like output (red deleted, green added) between versions as well.

I like the idea of the files changed red/green view, if that isn't a capability we already have, I'm going to add it to our roadmap (anyone can add & vote for roadmap items, it's found at

Update We do have versioning capabilities on our docs hubs product

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