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I think I also answered full-stack in that poll, but find myself wanting to do more with CSS myself. I like knowing enough backend to be dangerous, to execute my crazy ideas, but the frontend is where I'm having so much fun.

Also, kudos to you for building 3(!!!) portfolio sites and a few projects since graduating. I still haven't landed on where I want to spend my spare time. I want to do all of the things and end up not making a decision.


I feel the same way re: CSS fun!

THANK YOU. Honestly, I've been beating myself up over "not doing enough," so hearing that is a relief. I realized if I committed myself to one thing I wanted to learn (ie. using an open source API), I could get it done in a weekend rather than being stuck on a problem for weeks. I can't wait to see what you make when you find the process that works for you. :)

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