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Discussion on: What do you like and/or hate most about distributed conferences? Answer for the chance to be featured on our podcast!

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Shannon Crabill

What I've liked about most distributed conferences I've attended this year is the pre-recorded format. It's really cool watching a talk "live" but the speaker is also live in the chat to engage with attendees.

Distributed conferences also feel like they have less of an environmental impact from a swag perspective. Don't get be wrong, I like good swag, but I also don't need more swag. If I remember correctly, Codeland gave attendees an option for which swag they wanted (t-shirt, tote, etc) which is a good compromise of swag and being mindful of waste.

The downside of distributed conferences is attending while also working a 9-5.

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Margo McCabe

Really great point on the benefit from an environmentally friendly perspective... think about all those printed out pamphlets, business cards, and other docs at in-person conferences!