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re: Ever be on the fence about certain PR to your project? How do you deal with those?

Yeah, I had a few of those. Most of them where pull requests that accomplished the same thing / resolved the same issue. So, I had to pick which one to merge. Usually, I went with the one that was submitted first. For the others, I would explain why I was not merging it and encourage them to submit other pull requests.

There was one pull request that wasn't in line with where I wanted to take this project. It was completely rehauling the codebase, which would have cleared out the other changes made to date. There was an element of their pull request that I liked, so I responded to their comment with saying if they could rework that feature (spooky music) into the existing codebase, I'd love to get that added.

The key thing is to communicate and create learning opportunities wherever possible. The contributors I worked with all seemed to appreciate the encouragement.

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