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re: Hi Shannon, Yes i went through a lot, I worked my way up. I started as a junior developer worked my way up to senior, then finally team lead. If ...

Good for you!

What do you consider the most challenging aspects of being working remote OR being relatively young web engineer/team lead.?

On Working remotely:

As a remote team lead, it is 110% x more difficult to get a good grasp on the business logic or requirements that you're given. again this completely depends on the culture and methods that the business has put in place, but even with a solid foundation just the fact that meetings are based online, and basically every interaction is based online makes it difficult to keep track of everything thats going on. (internet could cut out during a meeting/ you could miss interpret something and just a ton of noise could interfere with the process). However if you keep yourself organised and maintain a good balance and of-course the occasional followup, you will be able to succeed.

Being a relatively young team lead:

Other people in the industry will find it boastful. Others will look down on you for being so young (will assume you got you're way there via connections). Other team leads will expect you to fail. Team members will question the validity of your knowledge from time to time (especially newer senior engineers). Basically its being the "underdog" that everyone just puts a label on you because of your age. However, there are also those that are genuinely impressed and that (in my opinion) builds a stronger team. My team members are generally young/younger. I am a firm believer in growth within instead of finding talent outside. I will pick team members who are A.) Excited to learn and B.) Ecstatic to teach.

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