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What's in my Toolbox

As a Hybrid software developer and quality analysis (QA) [aka Quality Engineer (QE)] I use a vast variety of applications & tools to keep myself productive in my daily activities on my Mac.

Are we cool?

For Terminal Junkies


  • Great replacement to the standard MacOS terminal with support for theming and more features then you can shake a stick at.

Xcode Command Line Tools

  • Its essential for any developer.
  • Quick Tip- don't click the link. Just open a Terminal and type in git or xcode-select --install or install Xcode from the AppStore. Homewbrew
  • A must have package manager so you can get all of the missing *nix based utilities not installed by the base operating system.


  • I prefer to use Tmux for managing multiple terminals over the built in functionality iTerm2.
  • Tmux also allows me to make my configuration more portable across *nix systems.


  • Its included with every *nix based system. So it's better to know it then be scared of it.
  • Install Vim using Homebrew. The version included with MacOS can be outdated.

Tmux and VIM

When you have to GUI


  • I don't leave home without it!


  • It blows Sequel Pro out the water TablePlus


  • Its a very simple Markdown editor that includes an inline viewer. MacDown


  • When you want to test APIs or write API documentation, it doesn't get much easier Postman


  • So much more than an FTP client Cyberduck

VisualStudio Code [when i'm being lazy]

  • Might be the most popular cross platform Editor [next to Vim 😂] VSCode


  • When Git branches gets a bit too messy I turn to SourceTree SourceTree


  • There are times when I have to visually map out a workflow and Xmind is the right tool for that job. Xmind


Charles Proxy

  • CP is it for when you want to see every network communication or manipulate the communication between your device/browser and a server. Charles Proxy


  • Virtualization is everything these days. Plus VirtualBox pairs well with Vagrant and Docker VirualBox


  • When I'm presenting or partnering with someone, the last thing I want to worry about is my Mac going to sleep & locking. Caffeine SSH Tunnel Manager


  • Its just my little nerdy Battery monitor Chargeberry

That's it. What about you? Do you have specific tools or apps you can't live without?

That's some gourmet shit!

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