Discussion on: I'm stuck instead of moving forward. Now what?

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We are on the same boat. Same feelings here, feeling that I need to jump straight to React but I need to stick to the plan because it is more convenient. This is really hard we need to focus on the important vs urgent.

My ideas about it:
-If you don't have the time to learn correctly (which is the worst case and probably the most probable scenario) then do urgent things 80% of your time (learning react) and important things 20% of your time(learning deep JS)
-Paralysis analysis, if you are learning all the time it is better than doing nothing. Sometimes I found myself using a lot of time wondering if I am taking the wrong approach to learning but what is true is that is better to never stop learning. You can't be wrong as long as you keep learning new things.
-I believe what makes us professionals is to know how really things work. Otherwise, I feel like I am cheating. I know some developers who are all the time copying code and reusing templates and they laugh at my approach because they say I could be making a lot of money. But I believe the tradeoff is worth what makes you professional is understanding how things work. Lucky for me I worked in a unicorn startup and I found web developers that were working on silicon valley since 2000 these guys have almost 20 years of professional experience it was insane they created a web app that enabled them later to create a business getting millions on revenue each month and they didn't have competitors because the similar companies didn't understand how they created their product, inside the company I learned a lot and there were a lot of times where I didn't understand why they were doing something in a specific way in their code, most of the time the answer was 'it is because of the specification of this feature', other times it was like 'if you read this book and this other book you will understand that code', things you can mix these technologies in this unexpected way because of their specifications, from that moment I realize that to do something special you need to learn lots of stuff. Then I decided that I wanted to be a creator, not a follower of the flow to be the salmon swimming upstream :P