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Discussion on: Q: What is your salary expectation? A: I don't have one, make me an offer!

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Great article Jean-Michel. It is nice to spread this knowledge. I really hate businesses that underpaid employees. There is an industry of people getting rich just because developers doesn't have this kind of information. This article is pretty important for every junior.

I have an interesting anecdote about this topic:
At some point of my career I was giving advice to a young programming consulting company. I was in the office of a big financial corp helping the guys who have outsourced job position. This big company was working with multiple consulting companies we knew guys from others companies. Eventually a new just graduated went into another team. Few months later we were talking about salaries. We realized he was getting paid x2 less than average and even with an extreme case of 5x less.

Here is where the plot twist goes this underpaid boy was relative of one director of the company. He told his relative the amount that he was getting paid and he told us that his relative told him that they were paying x12 was he was getting paying for each programmer in the team. What happened next big corp cancelled the contract with that specific consulting company and moved the boy to work with us.

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