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Discussion on: Should I use Linux?

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I have been using Linux (primarily Debian and Ubuntu) as my primary operating system for about 10 years now. My current hardware is a Lenovo ThinkPad T460s. Debian 10 is the only operating system on the machine (I got rid of the Window's 10 install upon purchase).

The biggest limitation I have found is it is difficult to use software that has only been written for macOS or Windows - like the Adobe suite, Kindle desktop, or video games. Since I don't, this has not been a problem for me.

Even though Linux is my primary OS, I do all of my development in virtual machines (using the native kvm/qemu). This lessens the probability of me doings something catastrophic to my machine. I do regular backup snapshots of each VM for easy recovery.

I would recommend that before you make a decision, you set up some VMs with different Linux distributions and play with them. There are many options for desktops and configurations. I am sure you will find something that meets your needs and desires.

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Henry Boisdequin Author

Thanks for your insight! I will definitely set up some VMs with different Linux distributions before going full-on Linux, and then find the one which I like best.