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The very first language I ever learned. Intro to computing was the course. We did Karel the robot, I learned Principles of Object-Oriented Programming with it, learned Android programming with it and later did a course on design patterns mostly with it


Not only we were learning the language but with C++, I learned Data Structures and Algorithms. It later came in handy in learning computer architecture as these two are very complementary.


With this I include html, css and javascript. Funny enough, when I wasn't close or had access to a computer, I used my phone (a Galaxy Pocket Plus at the time) to run as a lamp server. I even used php to practice Data Structures with single and double linked lists. (Most of the apps I used as servers have been taken off google play. I don't know why)


Used to teach us design patterns but I still went back to java just to understand what python tried to express

8086 Assembler

Part of course work for systems programming and compilers. This was fun. I'm sure it's gonna make it easy for me to pick up a side project with microcontrollers and robotics one day.


I'm still learning it. You never really know JavsScript. But with it, I've learned JQuery, Angularjs, Vuejs, NodeJS, etc. and I don't know if that list will ever stop growing.


At first, I was intimidated by it, but I learned later that it isn't so scary. I converted my android app to use only it.


This I learned through picking up Flutter. From there I've been interested in AngularDart also. Especially the part about code sharing and state management (or the lack of. I'm not certain)

CSharp (the pound sign disappeared when I used it)

I completed a udemy course on it, therefore I know it. Also, I'm writing a .NET Core project just to check how comfortable I am with it.

I feel like I should write a full-blown post out of this 🤔

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