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I'm happy to see that your writing has been beneficial and enjoyable for you.

I'm also glad you've been able to grow your reach and impact.

Consistency is so key, and also difficult (as you well know from writing while sick).

You're writing has been great and I enjoy seeing a notification every time you publish something.

I've been sticking to 1 post every Monday, in a niche topic/tech, with consistently long from content (7-15 minute read time).

I don't have much reach, or much impact outside of the tech (Kentico CMS), but I enjoy writing about it and I still get to write about software design in general.

I've gotten feedback from devs in the Kentico community that they've appreciated my writing, so that's a great motivator to continue.

I also will be speaking at the Kentico conference in Denver, CO next Tuesday, slotted in directly after the opening keynote... so that's awesome and exciting and definitely attributable to my writing.

I feel confident that your writing will get you your speaking spot at a conference, whether it's with the one you just applied to (CodeMash?) or another one later!

Congrats on your success!


Sean, you've personally been a highlight to me, having taught me of the existence of a number of things and having been a consistent encourager.

Columbus to Akron isn't too far and my wife's family is up in that area so I'm hopeful we'll cross paths in person sometime.

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