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Discussion on: What is Clojure(/Script)'s best first run and tooling experience?

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Sean Antony Brunton

Yeah I have VS Code, for some reason I will use that to write Python, as I like to run Jupyter Notebooks from time to time, it's a cool way to learn about something. Just seems better for it (again it's really down to preference). Yep hot reloading is awesome man, I add comments to my code all the time, save just for the hell of it, so that I can see it work. Really cool.

I have this thing in my head that if I work closely with Leiningen, as opposed to CLI, I would better access to ring and it middleware. Figwheel and many other are just built on top of Ring. Just my nature I suppose. Having said that shadow-cljs is more "hands-on" (don't know how else to describe it), give more like turnkey to front end. I'm stubborn though. LoL!