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Discussion on: Angular struggles in 2020

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Sebastian Vargr

Yeah, but they were not as commonly used or known back in 2010. :)

You plugging Svelte made me think:

I've never used Svelte, and I have only looked at the examples.
I figure if state management is separated from the display framework, and I can make a less than 14kb initial payload website with Preact, htm, and Parcel, then why bother looking at new stuff for now?

Why would I learn a new language to do something I can already do perfectly well?

And by extension, how does dividing the development community by adding yet another transpiler add any overall value in terms of not repeating the same CRUD form again and again and again.

Maybe it's a preference thing, but it's the exact same reason I always thought Coffeescript was a waste of time when it came out. :/

I know I am speaking from a place of ignorance here, but what's your take?
What is the unique selling point I am missing here?