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Discussion on: I Read 21 Articles About How to Become a Senior Developer So You Don't Have To

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Sebastian Vargr • Edited

I consider my self a senior programmer, in the popular sense of the word.

I’ve been doing this for 10+ years at varying places using lots of different tools. And I generally find my self helping out others, with concept explaining, debugging problems, mentoring, etc. as much as I work on my own.

I don’t really like the label tho, being a senior should not be a career path.

Being a better more versatile or specialized developer should be.

I have meet others labeled seniors that although good developers hardly had the experience to use their tools optimally, or even worse lets their skills stagnate to the point of uselessness in a updated context.

The tl;dr here is:
People use the label differently, and the moment you switch tool sets, or sometimes just update them it’s likely you go back to being a novice. Asking questions to that junior’ who just got out of school but happened to be taught about that new thing you want.

To heck with being a senior, be a better you instead.