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Discussion on: How you shouldn't use StackOverflow ?

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Sebastian Vargr • Edited

I feel like telling people to not use copy paste is equivalent of saying "dont use package managers, because real developers make stuff from scratch".

Anyhow's, in terms of learning these tips seem solid! 👍

"But you may have also heard of people being fired from their jobs because of copy pasting code from SO."

Wow, that sounds like one of the more stupid reasons i've heard people get fired for..
There has' to be more context to this than SO. :D

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Saeed Ahmad Author

Haha. Yeah it's one of the stupid reasons but it has happened, so, we can only take precautionary measure. No, I think building any thing from scratch is not the appropriate advice in most cases. Instead of that, what's going on in that code should be understood. Merely copy-pasting or downloading a package and not understanding the logic behind it should be discouraged.