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re: Hi there and thanks for your article, it was really interesting! Since your are used to use React do you think Elm could be a framework you will u...


I think they both have their merits. Having a guarantee of zero runtime errors can be a nice thing for certain apps, and I think Elm feels very robust and «safe», if you catch my drift.

I still prefer React, but that might be because I know it better. I do, however, miss the innovations like Suspense.


You can get Suspense like behavior with Elm fairly easily. Create a type:

type Request e d = Loading | Completed (Result e d)

And match it up with a simple view function:

suspense : Html msg -> (Result e d -> HTML msg) -> Request e d -> Html msg
suspense loadingHtml childHtml request =
    case request of
        Loading -> loadingHtml
        Completed result -> childHtml result

There are some handy packages that also help with giving you better types for your requests, such as

Cool! Yeah that does emulate some of it!

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