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Discussion on: Microservice data sharing and communication

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Adekoyejo Akinhanmi Author • Edited on

Hey rhymes, thank you for your answer. I am definitely concerned scaling and I am really trying to make well informed startup decisions. Also, you've mentioned something I have been pondering which is testing? If you don't mind, how would one go about testing. For example, I want to unit test each function within a microservice but then I run into challenges and I end up going the whole nine yards i.e. integration testing, because a function might depend on an another microservice for data. As such, I get confused on how to isolate it. I would appreciate if you can provide insights on this as well.


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rhymes • Edited on

Hi Adekoyejo, I'm honestly not an expert on this topic but I think the hardest thing is testing interaction between multiple services.

As you mentioned each service (which is a self contained app) should have its own unit and functional testing but you still need to test service A talking with B.

I would research the literature on it. Check Martin Flower's website and these resources:

Pattern: Service Integration Contract Test

Spotify's Testing of Microservices

Setting up integration testing seems also a really good way to design and discuss service boundaries. How would the client consume service A and B? Do you need A and B to then call service C? Do you have all services behind a single gateway so that it's transparent to the client?

There's no easy way to do microservices, that's for sure.