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re: I think this space would be easier if I was using React, since there tons of tooling available for it. However, I use Elm and have no plans to swit...

Yeah, the community is starting to create more and more tools for non-config builds more based on a convention over configuration philosophy but with the possibility to config a lot if you want, which is awesome if you know what you're doing and want to.

If you're doing many projects (I think that because of your post) using these tools and avoiding config is the best in my opinion, just let you limit by the tool and try to avoid special requirements (if you don't need to of course), because the great about this super configurable tools like Webpack is that in a big long term project you only need to configure it one time, but for a freelance dev or agency where develop many projects is just a waste of time, there is where tools like Parcel or the many frameworks CLIs shine.

BTW, I'm sure Elm has a CLI to avoid any config 🤔

Elm has command line tools to build/debug/install-packages, but it does not handle bundling or minifying assets.

P.S. Based on your Create React App recommendation, I googled and found Create Elm App. I will have to give that a try too. :-)

Create Elm App is awesome. Worked really well for me.

I think Jest and Create React App really raised the bar on tooling and no config.

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