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Being MongoDB a database without real schemas and structures of the data you save in each document of each collection I always felt the schemas of mongoose is trying to use MongoDB as a SQL db, and if you are going to do that just use PostgreSQL, MySQL, etc.

That said, mongoose is far better than any ORM for PostgreSQL and MySQL on the Node.js world IMO.

goes against to the MVC

You may not need to use MVC if you don't like to follow it, it's not a rule you need to always follow 😉


Hello! The world is small, i know you from Platzi.
Your opinion gives me some peace of mind. I think that the mvc "sometimes" feels forced in javascript.


I actually stopped using MVC (also ORMs, also OOP) after a couple of years developing on Node.js.

My life got much easier since then and I never looked back.

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