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Feedback on Prometheus exporter written in Golang for Magento 2

I decided to write 📝 a Prometheus exporter (in Golang) for Magento 2. Why? Because I wanted a better understanding of both Prometheus and Golang. Writing an exporter gives me a practical example for both.

"Magento 2 Prometheus Exporter" consists of two parts, the Prometheus exporter itself and a module for Magento 2 which extends upon the REST API to expose metrics where the native API of Magento 2 lacks in performance (such as determining the amount of orders).

I would love (❤️) and appreciate some feedback and constructive criticism on the exporter. Same goes for the Magento 2 module to extend the REST API but, because the personal objective for me is learning more about Prometheus and Golang, feedback on the actual exporter is of much greater value to me.

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