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re: Is it Worth Learning Microsoft's Tech Stack? VIEW POST

re: I would treat Azure as a separate topic, compared with AWS is coming strong from behind. Their languages stack also include TypeScript which is us...

"Less popularity means less jobs available, less career opportunities, less projects to handle and so on."

What you're not mentioning here is that "less" isn't necessarily a problem. "Less" than a helluva lot is still a lot. I've been working as a C# .NET developer for a whopping 7 months, and my LinkedIn inbox gets about 3 or 4 unsolicited messages per month from people looking to hire. This has been going since my second week on the job.

Might there be less C# jobs than JAVA jobs in the market? Sure. Will you struggle to find work as a C# developer? I seriously doubt it.


Sure, but in a small city, less could means there are only 3 jobs compared with 30 in Java, and that could be a struggle.
Less in a small industry could be the same.

Anyway, learning a strong type language like C# is a strong addition in any developer arsenal.

I think different stacks have different popularity by region. Here in Stockholm (and Sweden in general) nearly every job listing is for either a JS full stack type position or C#/.NET. Java is way less popular here. So OP should definitely check their local listings first.

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