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Discussion on: Linux: GPG-keys, Pass – passwords manager, and passwords import from a KeePass database

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Arseny Zinchenko Author

Wow... Thanks for the Syncthing! It looks great.
I have two computers at home (PC and laptop) and using a bash-script with rsync to synchronize their /home/setevoy directories, but looks like Syncthing can do it much better. Will investigate it on Saturday.

Just not sure yet if it will be good to sync home folders with gigabytes of data.

And looking at this topic - maybe sync home dirs in such a way will be not the best idea)

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Tari R. Alfaro

Yeah, Syncthing is pretty cool. I recommend you back up it before messing around. Not trying to imply that it is not stable.

I will warn you not to sync certain folders/files, there MIGHT be folder/file permission issues, which might screw things up. I do not think it is directly related to Syncthing.

Anyways, yeah. I have not synced large amounts of data. I synced a 32mb veracrypt volume and it seemed fine.

At the very least it is great with small amounts of data, e.g: password database.

let me know how it goes, especially how much it can sync.