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Using Node and remote control (meant to be used on phones) for my school's computer science club, it also features some more goodies which are helpful when having multiple presentations. It can be modded to use these styling techniques effortlessly. Feel free to fork!

SBCompSciClub / prez-software

A synchronized role based presentation software using node


TODO: Make system to easily manage multiple presentations Add Hash endocing and decoding for "sudo" key values TODO: Document Code

Run on Dev Server

npm i nodemon app.js
Nodemon? - A life saving NPM module that is ran on a system level which automatically runs "node (file.js)" when files are modified. Download nodemon by running npm i -g nodemon

Making a Presentation

  1. Copy an existing presentation folder
  2. Change the folder name (which should be located at public/slides) with the name day[num of day] ex(day2)

Making a Slide

Making a slide is pretty simple. Just add a HTML section. <section> <!--slide content--> </section> inside the span with the class of "prez-root". Also keep in mind that you will need to copy and pate the markup inside the prez root to the other pages (viewer & controller).

Adding Text

You may add text however you desire, but for titles use the…

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