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25 Best GitHub Repos for Python Developers

According to StackOverflow's 2020 Developer Survey, Python is one of the most loved languages in the world behind only Rust and TypeScript. Even more amazingly, Python is the language developers most want to try at their jobs. If you're one of the lucky many who use Python and want to up their game or the other lucky many who want to learn Python, you're come to the right place. These are 25 of the best Python repositories on GitHub:

'Awesome' Python Lists:

  • Awesome Python: a curated list of awesome Python frameworks, libraries, software and resources.
  • Fucking Awesome Python: for when you want a curated list of Python frameworks, libraries, software and resources that's even more awesome.
  • Awesome Python Applications: almost 400 open-source Python applications arranged by topic, with links to repositories, docs, and more, generated from structured data using apatite.
  • Awesome Pytorch: libraries related to Pytorch, the famous machine learning framework for tensors and dynamic neural networks.
  • Awesome Asyncio: a carefully curated list of awesome Python asyncio frameworks, libraries, software and resources.
  • Awesome Jupyter: a curated list of awesome Jupyter projects, libraries and resources. Jupyter allows you to create and share Python documents that contain live code, equations, visualizations, text, and more.
  • Awesome Python Books: the best directory for books related to Python!


  • Hitchhiker's Guide to Python: a best practice handbook to the installation, configuration, and usage of Python on a daily basis, including pip, numpy, virtualenv, and more.
  • Byte of Python: a tutorial for beginners; you only need know how to save a text file.
  • Cosmic Python: pythonic application architecture patterns for managing complexity; a free O'Reilly book!
  • Python Machine Learning: this repo includes code notebooks for the classic machine learning textbook.

Interview Questions

Data Structures and Algorithms

Python Resources

Learn Python

  • Python Koans: an interactive tutorial for learning Python by making tests pass (and a good primer on Test-Driven Development).
  • Project-Based Learning: a list of programming tutorials that are project-oriented, including building web scrapers, applications, bots, etc.
  • Learn Python 3 Through Jupyter Notebooks: a collection of interactive Jupyter notebooks that teach you Python 3.

Originally published at Carrots.

Tucker Triggs' list of JavaScript repos shamelessly inspired this post.

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Bikash Das

Oh my gosh, you just gave us all ants a big sugar cube, Thank you so much! Appreciated!

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Tucker Triggs

Nicely done! This is a great collection of resources. Thanks for posting and for the shoutout!