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Discussion on: How to apply your coding skills to turn yourself into a self-made millionaire

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Sandor Farkas • Edited

Thx for the article, i‘m exactly in the situation right now. i finally want to bring my idea to life.
i‘m not only scared of marketing but more on legal stuff.
without legal you cannot even start in my opinion and it costs a lot.
What are your thoughts on this?

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Vinicius Soares Batista

If legal is a concern, why don't have an hour with a lawyer in order to clarify your worries?
I would go that way. Simple, fast, and hopefully not expensive. :)

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Sandor Farkas

I've in mind the following things:

  • generating terms&conditions
  • maybe register a trademark
  • checking that no existing trademark is violated
  • checking the business idea in general if some rules are getting violated
  • register a company

I doubt this is done in one our.
Or is this something you usually ignore for the beginning?

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Vinicius Soares Batista • Edited

OK, I agree. Didn't know you have so much questions....:)
Most of them seems related to trademarks, intellectual property, etc. I would go with some internet searches(google patents, USPTO search, the patent office in your country, etc) - you can have a good start point there and they are usually open for searches. Then, if something looks weird(e.g: someone is already using a trademark you would like to use), I would go for a layer or more specialized help.

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Stefanni Brasil Author

Hi, Sandor! I agree with Vinicius, maybe your product requires more, have you tried to talk to any lawyer/consultant? It's better not to take the risk. The best!

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Sandor Farkas

i assume all points I raised have to be taken in consideration for any side project, besides of patents, no?
Just using google and doing c&p cannot be the answer to this when someone don’t want to be sentenced I guess.