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re: Great response, with facts not assumptions. One fact of life as well is AngularJS is reaching end of life, moving to long term support in a little...

Thank you for Dylan 🙂 Though I'd like to add, I do not want to discourage people from learning an "old", or so called "dead" framework. It's important not to fall into "hype driven development". And that just because something is new, it doesn't mean it will always be an improvement for everyone. Angular 2+ was a great example of that.

Sometimes, just because things aren't talked about as much, doesn't mean they aren't great technologies anymore. I like to think the same way about Ember. Nobody talks about tech like Ember.js, or heck, even Ruby at this point. But that's because they are mature tools that people are mostly happy with. There aren't new shiny things being introduced at breakneck pace anymore. And for many people, that is just perfect 🙂

I think people should absolutely be discouraged from learning angularJS. That would be a terrible investment of time.

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