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Discussion on: 🎉5 Dev skills that will boost your salary in 2020

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Shadid Haque Author

Thanks..and I agree maybe shouldn't have put spark now that I think of it lol. ASP.NET is an emerging beast however. I am currently learning it and I can see some disruptive things coming from Microsoft (blazor, azure .net cloud functions to name a few). Good point, I will probably write another piece about these. But definitely agree having ASP.NET core makes you a very desirable developer in the enterprise world

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John Peters

ASP.NET has been around for about 20 years. ASP.NET Core, its sucessor is currently on release 3.0. It brings ASP.NET to all platforms. It's currently clocking in as the fastest backend on market.

Other than Typescript and Github, ASP.NET Core is MSFT's power player for backend. They've spent huge budgets to get where they are now. I don't see it fading any time soon as the only competitor will be Node based servers. But Node may not yet be fully CPU agnostic like C#. That alone is why ASP.NET Core is a great choice.

The cons are it is not an Isomorphic Javascript solution. This is where Node shines. Some folks are saying node now has ability to use all cores on its single thread design. This will be a game changer.