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Discussion on: If You're A Developer, You Need to Know This

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Shahed Nasser Author

Hello Shaun, thank you for reading my article.

Regarding reading articles and watching videos, I think it depends on what’s best for you. Some people prefer one over the other, so I suggest do what you find is better for you.

But regardless of which you choose of them, you should always code on your own. When you watch or read something about any programming language, it’s very important you apply right after. Practice is the best way you can improve your skills.

I suggest a platform like Codecademy that lets you learn and apply at the same time.

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Shaun Craig

Yeah, I'm splitting my time between; freecodecamp, theodinproject, and i have 2 courses on udemy. Then I watch a few youtube videos, and read plenty of articles.
I might try codeacademy, but I don't want to use too many projects etc. One or two at a time.

I just think I should use codepen, github/git, and code myself more.

Thanks for your ideas, it is helping me alot.