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Why you should consider learning programming

I am currently working on a software project for a client. It is a project management system with an integrated accounting system .

As someone with no background in accounting I begun reading a lot of online articles and watching YouTube videos about the prestigious subject.

The aim is to have enough understanding of accounting principles and concepts to be able to implement the feature requirements of the system I'm developing.

After 2-3 weeks of non-stop research and reading, some of the concepts - double entry, credit and debit, journal entry, which accounts go into balance sheet, which accounts go into income statement - which were hitherto very confusing, begun to gradually make sense to me.

Now with the understanding of accounting out of the way I have manage to implement most of the features.

Even though there are still some bugs in the app that need fixing, I'm very proud of what I have done so far giving the fact that I started this project with zero accounting background and now hoping to finish and deploy the application as soon as possible.

In the course of my research I found accounting to be a very interesting subject. It gave me insight into how to manage my own finances.

The take home message of this post is this: It doesn't matter which career path you have taken; whether you are an accountant, a lawyer, a journalist, fashion designer, a model, project manager, scholar, teacher etc., consider taking a course in programming and this will open up an endless possibilities you could never have imagined.

Programing will give you tools and skills necessary to be able to create systems, applications and automate processes applicable to your chosen career.

Start learning programming today. Study it at your own pace. Don't rush it, it can overwhelm you.

Start now!!! and thank me later :)

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