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re: I think you meant how does it compare to conda which is the package manager in Anaconda. If you're an Anaconda user I'd say stick with conda then....

What issues are you having with VSC and venvs? I'd like to try and help you.

Actually i was using conda and was able to switch the virtual environment by single click in code

I have recently switched to 'virtualenv' and didnt find the tap to switch the virtual environments in code.

The problem i faced in order to leave anaconda is that initially i was using anacoda and tensorflow was not working correctly for my code, it worked for other code but not one file.
I spent two days finding out what is the problem in my code and shared with coworker and it worked fine over there, he was using virtualenv using pip instead of anaconda.

I uninstalled and reinstall conda Tensorflow but error persisted so i removed anaconda and switch to pip way and my problem was fixed.
IMO pip way of installing packages are good compared to conda way. For students conda is good!

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