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Very interesting to see the side by side of the old and the new. Not supporting IE greatly improves things also

It is tough to know at what point to remove old code that is very legacy but still does the desired job


Thanks for the reply Shane!

Yes, while I've never had the pleasure to support old IE, the thought of polyfills sounds extremely tedious without tools like babel so I do understand where jquery came in there.

I would also agree not to rewrite things if it does not provide business value.

The reason I had the idea for this post though was because I helped rewrite an old app to React and removing the jQuery dependency was something I did fairly quickly.

This made me realize I really didn't need it for most things so I wrote about it using my own project as example.


Polyfills are actually really easy to work with. You can drop polyfills in manually, but you can also use a free service like polyfill.io. Just drop in a script tag and you're done! ❤️

Thanks for the tip Kieran!

Any time. And nice post! 💪

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