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re: Hi Scott, I know you are a huge advocate for open source and also have been advocating from within Microsoft for years. Can you explain your role i...

I went to Microsoft 10 years ago from an open source focused job and world with the specific plan to open source as much as possible at Microsoft. However, there's dozens if not hundreds of others that were pushing internally at the same time, and many more that joined around the same time and pushed and pushed. Fortunately we've trained Microsoft Legal to let us be "open by default" vs "just say no" but it's been 10-15 years of pushing. As to my specific role, just consider me one of the many voices both inside and out that pushed. It's not fair for any one person to take credit.


Thanks for your reply and many props to you and those like you who have and continue to advocate for a more open world. It's definitely changed how I build software!


Now that you've reached an open source .NET world, does community criticism weigh on you and your team? The community standups seem mostly light-hearted, but does having a community to answer to weigh more heavily on you and the team at times?

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