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Do the Moriori still suffer systemic oppression (up to and including killings that very often result in the killer walking free) under the Maori people in current times?

Ongoing oppression is why Black Americans can't just "move on." I'm sure they'd love to "move on," but you can't do that when people are still actively harming you.

Yeah, slavery was abolished (officially, anyway; there's a lot of literature about how mass incarceration is essentially slavery by another name, but that's a discussion of its own), but there are people alive today who marched in the first Civil Rights protests. I did the math the other day, too -- those who are alive today that are marching in both sets of protests very likely had grandparents who were slaves, while the older ones in the first Civil Rights marches may have even had parents who were born into slavery, and would likely have heard first-hand stories about it.

Did you know that, despite the amount of lynching going on and the obvious racist motives for it in the mid-20th century, the US only in the last couple of weeks (yes, weeks) actually officially named it a hate crime and identified it as a distinct type of murder at the federal level? For a crime that was such a distinct and pervasive method of terrorism that to this day, a noose in a tree (and some other contexts) is a very clear message understood by nearly every American.

There are still Black women alive today who could remember when they weren't legally allowed to vote.

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