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Discussion on: Why Older People Struggle In Programming Jobs

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Scott Henshaw

Well said, my friend. I'm not only an older dev, but I have also excelled into and voluntarily out of management in the game dev business. Take your comments about the OT culture and youth movement of fanboys and multiply by 10. At first, I was also a bit bitter about working with as you call them "fanboys" who didn't understand the tech they used.

Most devs under 30 these days can't do the math to build their own render engine little own explain how the game engine they use works. But, I've found this leads to new opportunities.

I find more and more I can use my experience and patience as a teaching tool. It gives me an opportunity to help some realize that what was old wasn't all bad, what's new isn't all great, and that OT culture is bad management planning. It's not that younger devs can't, they just haven't lived some of the older/better ways.

If you can find that position where part or all of your role is that of the educator, you learn and you can help the next generation do and understand more. You can also teach them how to be better professionals, to recruit and retain the best talent -- not the youngest / best grades / most prestigious university / best looking / most popular. I believe that is the next evolution of the profession, and that as the older devs who have scars and war stories it's up to us to find the fanboys with potential, those who are willing to listen and teach them. We'll all be better for it.