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Discussion on: The Odin Project: Landing page: walk-through

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TOP isn't a "web dev course"

This is interesting. I think that most people seem to think it is. The hundreds of people I've met who have spent time with TOP - specifically think it IS a web dev course.

I recommend TOP to many people based on their learning style. I'm not knocking TOP as a whole.

mobile-first development ... doesn't much matter to employers if someone cannot program

That would depend on the job. There are many jobs that focus solely on HTML and CSS. We talk to hiring managers all the time that are having a hard time finding people who can take a simple email template from their internal design system - and write the basic code for it to match. These are real jobs. We don't have the numbers... but I'd bet that 20% of the 'web dev' jobs out there aren't really using any JS or Node. They are just regular people working at a corperation to move elements around on the page.

This is all why it's important to understand the entire course before judging the entire course

I haven't judged the whole course. I only said - that I think this HTML and CSS bit isn't MY ideal way to teach it. That's OK, right? I think most of the books ever written - aren't that great. It's OK. I think a lot of the stuff I make isn't "the best."

To be fair, we are reworking the later HTML/CSS course to be more modern and that will be done soon.

I think that's a good thing.

Unfortunately, I think this misses the point.

Can you help me understand what the point is? Because - I do think I have missed it.