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Yes. Hated the job.

Was burnt out due to poor management and technical processes that led to a lot of late night deployments, testing, last-minute fixes. (That's how I became so obsessed with automating testing.)

Not to mention, no code reviews, no feedback from senior engineer, miserable pay raises, no bonuses, little transparency from executive management about the company's health.

My departure was preluded by a exodus of the engineering team. Sad to say that within two years, I was the most senior in my team. The final straw was when the technical lead role was given to an arrogant prick who just joined the company but didn't want to be onboarded to the project by someone who knows the entire codebase (and that of the crummy underlying frameworks too) even in her sleep.

Oh did I mentioned that I was conned into joining the company thinking I'd work on analytics but ended up doing front end work most of the time? To be fair, I enjoyed front end engineering, and making things not just beautiful, but also blazing fast before everyone started talking about progressive asset loading and virtual DOM.

I just quit.

But at the back of my mind, I was pretty confident that I have very employable technical and people skills!

I spent some time off afterwards doing gardening for my mom, studying @addyosmani 's JavaScript Design Patterns, and learning Unity in a attempt to build a strategic resource game for fun. Planned to do Masters, but ended up complaining to @picocreator too often about front-end testing (oh hey, wonder where did all these rants about front-end and testing come from), so we founded UI-licious to build a super awesome UI testing tool for the busy developers.

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