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On Page Optimization in SEO for Beginners

shivamawasthi2020 profile image ShivamAwasthi2020 ・2 min read

On Page optimization is one of the essential tricks that one should know while doing the SEO and in this article we will give you the detailed idea about how to optimize the code of a page and will also know about the static elements of a web page.

SEO Myths :- Here we will discuss some of the common mistakes that most people do in on page optimization.

Meta keywords :- Meta Keywords in the metadata of the header which helps search engines to find what the site is all about. But it is important to know that meta keywords are dead and should not be used because these days search engines do that without using meta keywords like Google and bing uses meta keywords to check whether your site is spam. SO best practice is to avoid them. Meta keywords only matter in one area which is meta description. This is the information that appears in search results as a snippet description of the website. It is also important to know that Google only shows 155 characters and bing only shows 165 in the results.

  1. Duplicate title tag :- If two pages have the same clue such as duplicate title tags or a duplicate meta description then they will be considered a bad form by the search engines. And can also penalize a page as it will count it as a spam. So while creating a unique title tag one should keep in mind that currently Google allows 62 characters for the title and bing allows 57 characters only. And just like the meta description if its too long it will be considered as a bad form. Also it has been found that shorter titles have higher clicked results in the search engines. Read more at :-


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