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Discussion on: Pants Optional: Working Remotely

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Jared Short • Edited on

Working remotely can also quickly lead to burnout. I've worked remotely for more than a decade at this point. Sure, I love my work. But I've found that if your work and hobbies intersect to the point the line is blurred, you need to be very deliberate in when and where you work, even within your own home.

The number one tip I can give people is have a clear and distinct hobby that isn't work. For me it's video games with friends, some of which are even my co-workers. This helps fulfill some social needs.

The second thing is I always stop working at regularly time to prepare dinner or even just play a game or two. This helps that shift in mindset from workmode to relaxation. I can still go back to workmode later if needed, but having regular practice at that switch is mentally helpful.

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Andrew Powell Author

Absolutely agree with both tips!