Hi everyone,
I started my programming career by learning C language.Then i started coding solutions to bookish problems.
Started with competitive programming sites, i went to focussing upon algorithms.Implemented most of solutions in C++.In my university, courses like OOPs and DS helped me further in growing and i learnt Java and mastered C++ more.practing CP problems more made me quite good with interview level problems.
I realised i am weak in other CS areas .So picked HTML,JS,PHP,XML from W3schools and developed several basic projects.Then learnt python for AI and learning from online vidoes,i understood computer networking and DBMS.
After all this,I interned this summer solving interesting Big data project problem.This generated my interests towards Blockchain,ML etc.though i haven't started yet.Now,being final year student at university i am revising all CS concepts and doing projects related to web+ trendy technologies along with little bit of CP.


Hi Shiv thanks for share your journey. After reading your comment it feels like are more addicted towards competitive programming other than like web development etc. Means you have good programming skill with a little spark of other computer science field. Nice .
I wanna ask you something as you said you are in final year and you are doing projects related to web + trendy topics. Did you ever feel like i have to choose web development like others do instead of competitive programming if yes then why you choose competitive programming?? What or who says which one will be better for your future ??
And one more thing As you said you learn HTML , JS , PHP and DBMS so can we say you are a full stack web developer not only front you also know back end ???


Yeah I can do job of fullstack dev.i have no restriction on picking up new skills.
Between CP and other things, I picked CP because i loved problem solving and most companies give jobs based on that.For student like me,it was easiest way to get noticed from the crowd.Though i spent time in web or in android too but only during the projects.I learnt them whenever i feel need.

As a final year student which one will you choose a web development or Android development if have to choose one at a time which one you will prefer and why ??

As final year student, I will choose ML over web/app. web dev etc are for sophomores year.and honestly i utilised my vacations to improve in these areas.

Thanks Shiv to be so nice and thx for your journey and about your upcoming goals. Nice talk with you gives me some idea what now I have to go or how to choose things. Thanks again.

Good luck,keep learning and happy coding.

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