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Discussion on: Feeling under utilized/not challenged, how to over come?

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Shreyansh Sancheti

Hey Allen, Even I am kinda stuck in the similar situation as you are in now. I think some teams don't treat junior developer well. The team I had joined wouldn't put me in critical tasks even after I spend almost 6 months, all I got was 2-3 week PoCs to work on. So recently I applied internally to a different team and they are really excited to have me on board. I would suggest you to talk to your project manager or look for better team that seems good fit for you by applying through internal mobility.

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Bartholomew Allen Author

Hmmm you raise a good point, maybe it may be a mismatch of interests since most of my interests lies with Web Development and I am doing DevOps but I may talk to my manager once I schedule a one on one meeting with him sometime soon. None the less thank you for your advice 😊 means a lot!