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One of the challenges I face while managing a remote team is that people don't really update tasks on Trello or JIRA. Any suggestions on how to ensure that they do it?


In my experience, it helps when people understand fthat they do it for their colleagues, who depend on them. For example, a QA guy won't start testing until card in the TEST status, because he wouldn't know.

Another way was to make it as frictionless as possible. Integration with Slack, time-tracker, GitHub, etc. Saves little time but lots of friction.

I also always do that developers take a role in creating those cards. Before they start writing code, that must create a checklist inside a card with everything they plan to do and discuss it at least with one another dev (usually another dev who also works on this card). Then it becomes their own card, and they start caring more.

Though, if somebody still doesn't understand the importance of updating tasks to update the team and help everybody to understand the whole picture in the most frictionless and mistake-proof way, this person is probably just a bad worker. He can be a brilliant engineer, but he's a bad team player.


Ah! That clarifies it. I guess you cannot force people to do things and maybe have a decent conversation with them to understand what the problem is.

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