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Discussion on: 5 Ways SolidJS Differs from Other JS Frameworks

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The other 2 choose between isolated reactive timing (Vue) and typical JS execution (Svelte). But they aren't glitch-free.

in what context svelte is glitchy?

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Ryan Carniato Author • Edited

It is possible to observe an intermediate state where not all things are consistent. All libraries take time to propagate change and JS isn't a language with this concept built-in but some libraries have guarantees to be glitch-free from an external standpoint.

Like with React an external observer never sees the state and DOM out of sync. Whereas with Svelte or Vue a well-timed microtask execution conceivably could. More so evident in models that try for async consistency like Concurrent Mode. In typical cases, this will never come up and things will be in sync by the time you observe them, but the console.log is evidence of that behavior.