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Shubham Kumar
Shubham Kumar

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How do I get started to work as web3 developer?

I wanted to get into web3 stuffs as Frontend Developer but have lot's of doubt, if some one having experience in this field can answer it?

  1. What all I need to learn & any courses if some can suggest?
  2. I already have working knowledge of React.js. How much time can it take to learn techs related to web3?
  3. What are differences in salary for a web3 developer & normal frontend developer?

Any other suggestions which I need to know before getting started?

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Michael Tharrington • Edited

Consider checking out !

This community is built on Forem (the same platform that DEV is built on) and it's all about Web3! Plus it's run by the amazingly friendly and awesome @leewynne + sidekick @metapunk. 🦙

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Naydson Mariosa

Hi! I'm very interested in web3 and I already started to study about all this "area".
In my opinion, the first thing to understand is the Blockchains concept, of course.

You can check the the free course in Linux Foundation:

With blockchain concept well formed in your mind, you'll see that blockchain apps will be the separated as blockchain services (backend) and any other usual apps in frontend. As you already have ReactJS knowledge, maybe your first impression will be a usual frontend development only consuming API's provided by the blockchain you choose. For example, the web3.js (ethereum)

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Andrew Baisden

Check this out Free Web3 Resources