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Why node-on-rails ? Too much clickbait. You should understand if people look at you as a source of clickbait articles, you'll loose your audience. Please try to avoid that.


I had an previous blog post talking about why node-on-rails.

I have added them both now a series. So you should be able to see the first blog post linked here.

The short answer is: No the name is exactly what I wanted it to communicate to the user -> This project is about implementing a framework like RoR in nodejs. This and more is explained in the first blog post.

There will be also more blog posts on the journey of developing this framework. This was just the first one with real code examples.


Node on Rails is the name of the ongoing project. This article is an extension of how Node on Rails is being developed and why. He labeled it that way, as someone who also came up with this concept inspired by RoR, I'm happy to soon help develop it. You should check it out it's in early development.

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