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Discussion on: FastAPI over HTTPS for development on Windows

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Thanks a lot for this. It is truly an eye-opener for me.

I am absolutely new to FastAPI. I am basically trying to find my way around. I am trying to build an app that will connect to an endpoint (an external web application ), fetch such details as a person's names, date of birth, social security number, residential address, photo, etc and save the details on my mssql database and render the same to a user in a html page. For example, if the user opens the fastapi app, he will be able to type in a social security number and with that, the app connects to the external web app to fetch all the biodata associated with that social security number and return them to him in a html page. If the details are already available in the local mssql database, the fastapi app will not need to contact the external endpoint.

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