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Pirates and CSS animations

Sid on March 12, 2019

I wrote this post for my newsletter, sign up here to get emails like these every week. Hi! For my course on React Hooks, I have to make a bunch... [Read Full]
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Great introductory lesson to CSS animations! Normally I'd throw all of these animation steps into one unified animation per element, but it reads really well and it's much more user friendly the way you did it.

Here's a CSS animation I made recently which creates the effect of auto-typing text using only CSS (SCSS). Still buttoning up a few quirks, but it works for the most part. Similar to the typed.js effect.

*does not work in Safari or mobile browsers (at least for iPhone)


Whaaaaaat, this is amazing Brandon!


Fantastic article. Definitely something I'll play with when I have some free time


CSS Animations can be mindblowing powerful! amazing article, as always 👏 👏

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