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Introducing fcd: "faster cding"

Ever had to type out a long cd ~/Sites/Projects/project, find out the path is wrong, rewrite it to cd ~/Sites/Sandbox/project? You just wasted a minute or two. This inspired me to create a tool: fcd.

fcd is a utility which helps you cd faster on macOS.

You can directly use it in place of cd like so:

fcd /some/path/here
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And what happens is the path to any folder with the same name as the basename of the input in the dirname of the input (basically, /some/path/here => /some/path/**/here) gets copied to your clipboard.

If this is confusing, then just read the README of the repo. And please leave a star if you find this useful!

GitHub logo SiddharthShyniben / fcd

Faster cd-ing.

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